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Business Registration Form

A business registration form is that kind of form that is generally used by people to make sure that their business name is properly registered. It is used by government office, union or other agencies who are looking to gather information to register new kind of businesses. This form contains details of business owner and also of the business and its type.

New Customer Registration Form

While doing business it is always necessary to keep a record of what are the desires of the customers, this helps the businesses to know more about customers and also widen their network. The Customer Registration Form makes it easier for businesses and their clients/customers to transact more smoothly. This form contains the customer’s personal information and also the contact details with their desired property information.

Employee end of day Report

This Report is also referred to as EOD report. It is a type of business report document that is usually drafted by the employees to capture all their daily activities like their tasks accomplished, challenges experienced while executing these tasks, potential problems identified, the current stage of their uncompleted projects and also objectives to be completed for the next day.


Business Loan Application

This Form mainly consists of information about your business, the number of employees present now and if their loan has been approved, the use of proceeds (like the amounts for all applicable items), information about previous, current and pending business debts and also the information about management of the business.

Expense Report Form

An Expense report is a form that counts expenses necessary to the functioning of a business. It is an organized way for business. Usually a small business may ask its employees to submit expense reports for the process of reimbursement regarding business related trips or purchases such as meals and gas.

Call Back Form

This is a classic standard contact form that collects names and numbers to reach out to the potential customers who are in need to get back with you regarding business related work. This form contains name, email and message fields.

Real Estate Forms

Real Estate forms

Tenant Application Form/ Rental Application Form

A form created by a landlord and filled out by a tenant so that he can live in the landlord’s property. This form provides all the important details of a potential tenant like their name, contact details, where they’re currently living, their renting history and also their ID details.

Bond Claim Form

A bond claim is usually started by a landlord and is done as soon as the tenant leaves the property. This form contains the details of the bond also the landlord and tenant details.

Eviction Notice Form

A formal letter sent by the landlord to the tenant informing them to either vacate the property within few number of days or fix a certain problem, hence it basically means communicating the termination of tenancy agreement. Eviction notices are usually sent when the tenant has failed to pay rent and also when the tenant has violated the terms of lease agreement.

Home Insurance Claim Form

The homeowners file home insurance claim for various reason like burglary, damages caused on their property due to fire, storm etc. This forms includes the details of the damage occurred and also the insurances covering the property which has been lost or damaged.


Residential Lease Agreement

A legally binding contract formed between a landlord and his tenant, containing all the terms and conditions for renting a house or apartment as a residence. Also referred to as Apartment rental agreement or landlord tenant agreement. In cases of disputes this agreement provides protection to both the landlord and the tenant.

Rental Agreement Form

A contract binding between the landlord and tenant for a fixed period of time, that contain s the pre-discussed conditions and norms under which the tenant has the temporary possession of the property. A rental agreement form contains the names, addresses, signatures, responsibilities of landlord and tenants also the monthly rental amount, security deposit and period of stay.

Sublease Agreement Form

A document between a tenant, who has a lease with a landlord, and a subtenant that agrees to rent the same property from the tenant. A sublease agreement can be used to sublet an apartment, entire house or just even a room within the rental property. If subletting is prohibited tenant is required to obtain the consent form from the landlord.

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Land and Building

Being the second-highest employment generator in the country after agriculture, real estate market in India is one of the pallbearers of the economy. Avail passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification & leverage


It can serve as a springboard to healthy, meaningful lives of both husband & wife. A formal ending of a marriage which requires a legal process. Make a right move at the right time with authentic formats & information.

Sale Deed

An official signed legal document that transfers the title of an asset to a new holder, granting them the privilege of ownership. Includes all the conditions. Most important document for both seller & buyer. Make it possible with proper formatting & required information.

Business Formation

Nail down your business structure before launch & commence everything legally with all authentic information & formats. Secure financing, executives, management, board of directors & other major pillars holding up a company.

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

A document legally binding the parties to keep sensitive information till themselves. Protect your, strategies, manufacturing processes, softwares, ideas, technical data. Use it when disclosing insights to your business partners, investors, agents, programmers. A necessity to safeguard your entity & yourself from getting tricked.

Tenancy Agreement

A legal contract between the landlord & tenant for a fixed period of time, consisting pre-discussed norms & conditions. Defining a relationship between the landlord & tenant while having a written agreement would make it easier & binding under the law thus avoiding conflicts.


Parties entering into a financial transaction should have a written contract for their convenience. Contractor being responsible for providing material, labour, equipment & services requires huge monetary asset hence, contract formation is a must. Hence decreasing risks & conflicts in the future.

Power of Attorney

Manages your finances, cases in the court & property related conflicts on your behalf until completion of the task. Choosing wisely shall go a long way.

Frequently Asked Questions 

It is an abbreviation for a Latin term which basically means ‘place of the seal or the ‘area of contract where the seal is to beadded’.

Yes a birth certificate is a legal document as it is an important identity document which is the proof of citizenship and residential details of an individual giving them the rights of the members of the country.

A document is considered legal if the person who creates it has the intention to enforce it in the court of law. Also the document has to be signed, witnessed and filed to be treated legal.

A document will have a ‘legal effect’ if it means the requirements in law for documents of that nature. Therefore it isn’t necessary that a legal document has to be drafted by a lawyer to make it legal.

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